Add Item

  • This sub module is used to record any new item or product and all the necessary information of the item as well.

  • The image of the product can also be saved.

  • In this, the company can know the stock available and accordingly adjustment can be done.


  • Item Name : In this field, the name of the item is written.

  • Unit : In this field, the measurement in which the items are measured in the inventory are written over here.

  • Type of Goods : In this field, which type of item is written means whether the item is goods or service are written over here.

  • Tax Type : In this field, whether the item is taxable or not and if it is taxable then in which taxable type will be included is written over here.

  • Enable Alternate Units : This field is used when company is purchasing in some other unit and the sales is done in some other unit. For e.g. Purchasing in KGs and selling in Grams.

  • Sales Information : In this field, when the sales rate and quantity is used then it can be used from here.

  • Purchase information : In this field, when the purchase rate and quantity is used then it can be used from here.

  • Trackable items : When the company wants to track the item, the company wants to enable the trackable item so that they can know the how much amount of item is there in the stock and how much amount of stock the company need to purchase. The company can also write the opening stock.

  • The bulk entries of the different items can also be saved with the help of bulk entries.

  • Once the accounting transaction the product cannot be deleted.

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