Add Recurring Invoice

  • A Recurring Invoice is an invoice that is sent to your customer at regular intervals of time.

  • It is used to record the payment after regular interval of time till the specific time period. The recurring can be deleted after it is created and even after status is shown active.


  • Customer Name : In this field, the name of the customer to whom the recurring invoice is send is written over here.

  • Profile Name : This field is used when recurring invoice is sent to same person for more than one time or to know to which profile the recurring invoice is send. It helps in recognizing for which reason the recurring invoice is used.

  • Repeat Every : This field is used to know after what period of time the invoice needs to be repeated. Many options are given to the customer to choose as per their convenience.

  • Start on : In this field, the starting date or the date on which the recurring invoice is created or started is written over here.

  • Payment Terms : It means in how much days the customer can pay to the company or the customer have to pay on the same day itself. It depends on the company what to choose from the options.

  • Place of Supply : In this field, the company can write the place at which the supply of the product is done. This field is shown only when the company has GST number registered.

  • End on : This field helps to know that on what day the recurring invoice will get completed i.e. how long the recurring invoice will go on.

  • Item rates are : This field is used to know whether the rates of the items are Tax inclusive or Tax exclusive. And select the option accordingly.

  • The recurring invoice can only edited or deleted no other features are provided.

  • The recurring can be deleted after it is created and even after status is shown active.

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