• This sub-module is used when the company wants the record of the products they are ordering or manufacturing in the particular batch.

  • The company records the all products they have ordered in a particular batch or if the company is manufacturing then they will record all the products manufactured or produced in the particular batch.


  • Number : In this field, the serial number of the batches are written and it is done manual.

  • Manufacturing Date : The date on which the manufacturing of the product will be done is written over.

  • Expiry Date : The date on which the expiry of the product will be done is written over.

  • Date Format : The format of the date is selected from here.

  • This sub-module is optional it depends on company whether they want it or not.

  • Also the feature like download and print is provided and on more feature is provided known as date range can also be included in it by which you can see any years batch summary details.

  • The batch which has products and transactions done cannot be deleted and only edited.

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