Add Vendor Credit

  • Vendor credit is also known as Debit Note or Purchase Return. It is used at the time of returning the products to the vendor.

  • Vendor credit is sent by the company at the time of return the purchase item.


  • Vendor Name : In this field, the name of the vendor from whom the company purchases the product. If the company wants to add the new name of the vendor then they can add from here.

  • Credit Note date : The date on which the credit note is created is written over here.

  • Due Date : In this field, the last date is given or the due date is given to the company and in that time the company needs to do the payment to the their vendor.

  • Credit Note # : It is the Credit Note Number used for the credit note we are creating to send to the customer. It is kind of the Sr no for the credit note. The vendor is given two options to write the credit note number. Whether they want to write the SR no manually or can be generated using auto-generation.

  • Bill # : This field used to write the Bill no. for whom the credit note is prepared or made.

  • Source Of Supply : In this field, the state from where the order will be sent to the company will be written over here.

  • Destination Of Supply : In this field, the state where the order will be supplied will be written over here.

  • Item rates are : In this field, whether the item rates are tax inclusive or exclusive will be written over here.

  • Price list : This field is used to add any offer or discount or any other increase or decrease in price for the specific customer only then this field is used. The price list is actually recorded in the Inventory Module but it is used at the time of sales or purchase or any of the thing.

  • The features provided in vendor credit are Download PDF, Print and delete.

  • In vendor credit only the setting option will be given through which the changes regarding the discount can be done.

  • When the vendor credit is open two options are given whether to apply for bills like to round off to some bills or to just refund. When the vendor credit is closed only some of the features are paid.

  • Vendor credit cannot be deleted once the transaction is done if the debit note is open then it can be deleted.

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