Add Bill of Material

  • Bill of Material helps to make the finish goods from the raw material.

  • In bills of material, the data regarding the finished goods and raw material are saved and when the company wants to make any finish goods they will just click on the bill of materials from the stock journal and store the data of finish goods.


  • Bill's of Material's Name : The name of the product is written whose finish product the company wants to create.

  • Components of : The name of the product whose making will be happen with the help of all the raw material.

  • Quantity : This field is used to know how much quantity the will be manufactured of the finished goods.

  • Unit : This field is used to know in which unit the quantity will be measured.

  • In bill of materials the company can save the new item or product instead of going to the inventory.

  • The bills of material does not have any special feature.

  • Only two feature is given i.e. edit an delete.

  • Once the bill of material is generated it can be deleted also.

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