• All transaction done through cash or bank will be recorded in this module.

  • In short, almost all the transaction will be therein this module in one or the other way.

  • In this module the company gets only two features i.e. to edit and to delete.


  • Undeposited Funds : In this, the company records all the undeposited funds. It means all the funds which are received by the company but the company doesn't want to deposit and the after sum amount of money is gathered the company will deposit in bank and after that the company wants to in bank and till that the they are kept safe in a kind of lockbox.

  • Petty Cash : Petty cash means the cash which the company receives or pay. The petty cash is the cash account where all kind of cash transactions are done. If the transaction is recorded from the petty cash then and only then the transaction can be deleted or edited. If the transaction has been done from the petty cash itself then and only then the the transaction can be edited or deleted.

  • Bank Account : Bank account means all the transaction done via banking will be shown over here. The transaction once recorded can be deleted and edited both can be done. The transaction through bank whether it is receipt or payment will be done over here.

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