Add Recurring Expense

  • Recurring expense is made when the company has to pay the expense at the regular interval of time.


  • Paid Through : In this field, through which account expense is paid will be written over here.

  • Profile Name : This field is used when recurring expense is sent to the company for more than one time or to the same profile for more than one time. The Profile name is also used to know for which reason the recurring expense is used or it is generated.

  • Repeat Every : This field is used to know at which regular interval of time the expense needs to be repeated. Many options are given to the company to choose as per their convivence.

  • Start On : This field shows on which date the recurring expense has been started.

  • GST treatment : This field is used to add the GST treatment to the recurring expense if there is any GST treatment included in it There are many options given to the company for adding any GST treatment . It depends on the company which one to select.

  • Expense is : This field is used to select whether the expense is tax exclusive or inclusive. It depends on the company what to select from the two options.

  • Expense Account : This field is used to know in which accounting transaction of the expenses are done.

  • Expense Type : This field is used to select which type of expense is done i.e whether it is goods or services.

  • Amount : In this field, the total amount of expense created will be written over here.

  • Tax Amount : This field is used to know how much amount of tax will be included in the amount. It depends on how much percent of tax is included.

  • In recurring expense the no additional features is available at the time of creating.

  • After the voucher is created only two features are created i.e. edit and delete.

  • Once the recurring expense is made it can be deleted by the company as well as it can also ne resumed or stopped this feature is also provided by the software.

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