Add Payment Received

  • Payment received is used for two times.

  • One while receiving the payment and another while receiving payment received in advance.


  • Deposit To : In this field, the payment which the company will receive will deposit to which account will be return over here. The name of the account in which the accounting transaction will done will be shown over here.

  • Customer : In this field, the customer from whom the payment will be received will be written over here.

  • Date : The date on which the payment is received is wrote over here.

  • Payment Mode : In this field, the company will receive in which form the payment is going to be received from the customer will be written over here.

  • Mobile : In this field, the Mobile no. of customer will be written.

  • Amount : In this field, the Amount of payment the customer is paying will be written. It can be paid in two ways either balance only or pay full. It depends on the customer whichever they want to pay.

  • Voucher No. : It is the Voucher Number used for the Payment received we are creating to send to the customer. It is kind of the Sr no for the payment received. It is not a mandatory field like other fields. It depends on the company whether they want to write it down or not.

  • The Payment received does not have many features like all other but have less features it provides the features like editing, copy the link, share on WhatsApp, download the PDF, print, mail and delete.

  • The payment received will be recorded over here and can be deleted after the transaction is done.

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