Add Retail Invoice

  • A retail invoice is used when the customer is purchasing the product in retail as well as when the customer doesn't want to give their name then retail invoice is used.


  • Customer Name : In this field, the name of the customer to whom the retail invoice is send is written over here.

  • Invoice Date : The date on which the retail invoice is prepared it will automatically come over here.

  • Invoice # : It is the Retail Invoice Number used for the retail invoices we are creating to send to the customer. It is kind of the Sr no for the retail invoices. It can be done in two ways. They are either manually or auto-generating it depends on the company how they want to generate the Retail Invoice no..

  • Paid through : In this field, it is written how the payment of the retail invoice is done and if the company wants to add any new account they can add over here.

  • Phone Number : In this field, the number of the customer is written.

  • Item rates are : This field is used to know whether the rates of the items are Tax inclusive or Tax exclusive. And select the option accordingly.

  • The features the retail invoice has are editing, copy link, send the SMS, Download the PDF, Send an mail, Print and delete.

  • The user can also change the template format by clicking on the change template and select whichever the template they want.

  • The Retail invoice is much like Invoice.

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