Add Purchase Order

  • Purchase Order is used when the company wants to purchase some things from the particular vendor.

  • The purchase order include all the products a company needs from a particular vendor.

  • If the purchase order gets accepted by the vendor there is also an option by which we can convert the purchase order into the bill.


  • Vendor Name : In this field, the name of the vendor from whom the company purchases the product. If the company wants to add the new name of the vendor then they can add from here.

  • Order Date : In this field, the Date on which the order has been generated or created is written over here.

  • Delivery Date : In this filed the date on which the delivery of the goods is wanted by the company will be written over here. The delivery date will be as per the choice of the company.

  • Purchase Order # : It is the Purchase Order Number used for the purchase order we are creating to send to the customer. It is kind of the Sr no for the purchase order. It can be done in two ways. They are either manually or auto-generating it depends on the company how they want to generate the purchase no..

  • Source of Supply : In this field, the state from where the order will be sent to the company will be written over here.

  • Destination of Supply : In this field, the state where the order will be supplied will be written over here.

  • Item Rates are : In this field, whether the item rates are tax inclusive or exclusive will be written over here.

  • Price List : This field is used to add any offer or discount or any other increase or decrease in price for the specific customer only then this field is used. The price list is actually recorded in the Inventory Module but it is used at the time of sales or purchase or any of the thing.

  • In purchase order, there is button for changing the template design.

  • Also the settings button is given by which the company can decide whether they want to keep the discount in subtotal or with the items.

  • The purchase order has the features like copy order, download the PDF, send an email, send on WhatsApp, copy the link, Print or delete.

  • The purchase order cannot be deleted after it is billed.

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