Add Estimate

  • The Estimate is also known as Quotation. It is created to for sending to the Customer in which it gives the detail of the Product we are selling and at what price.

  • Once the estimate is made it is sent to the customer and if the customer accept the Estimate then it can be transferred to the Invoice.


  • Customer Name : In this field, write the name of the customer to whom the company wants to send the Estimate or Quotation.

  • Estimate Date : In this field, the company has to write the date on which the estimate is written.

  • Estimate # : It is the Estimate Number used for the estimates we are creating to send to the customer. It is kind of the Sr no for the estimates. It can be done in two ways. They are either manually or auto-generating it depends on the company how they want to generate the estimate no..

  • Place of supply : In this field, the company can write the place at which the supply of the product is done. This field is shown only when the company has GST number registered.

  • Items rates are : This field is used to know whether the rates of the items are Tax inclusive or Tax exclusive. And select the option accordingly.

  • Price List : This field is used to add any offer or discount or any other increase or decrease in price for the specific customer only then this field is used. The price list is actually recorded in the Inventory Module but it is used at the time of sales or purchase or any of the thing.

  • The user can also change the template format by clicking on the change template and select whichever the template they want.

  • The company has various options which include the copy the invoice, Download the PDF, Send and e-mail, share on WhatsApp, copy the link, send SMS, Print it.

  • The Estimate can be converted into Invoice.

  • The estimate can be deleted even after it gets converted into invoice.

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